Native Americans in the United States


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Slavery in the United States

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The participating warriors called it a Last Stand. Deal with it The Battle of the Little Bighorn, fought on the banks of the river of that name in Montana Territory in June , is the most often discussed fight of the Indian wars. It has been said that we will never know what happened there because there were no survivors. There were thousands of survivors. The Indians clearly told us what happened.

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Please log in or subscribe to view the slideshow. We live in perilous times. After school today, I thanked God that Cheyenne and Elijah both came home. Sadly, many parents lose their children in tragic ways, like cancer, a car accident, or events like the Sandy Hook school shooting. They will be forever waiting for their children to walk through their front doors.

As you and I watch the news, we weep, we cry out in anger, and then we wonder, “How can we protect our kids from something like this? We question whether the world is falling apart. And nothing is more terrifying than the realization that we cannot protect them from life. While we cannot hide our children away from the world, we can be proactive in guarding them. We can shield them in far greater ways than wrapping them in a plastic bubble or locking them in their rooms for the rest of their lives.

You and I can pray. We can intercede for our children, praying for wisdom, protection, peace, and strength. Author Mark Batterson wrote, “If you determine to circle your children in prayer, you will shape their destinies … your prayers will live on in their lives long after you die. It’s comforting to know that wherever we are gathered and praying, Jesus is in our midst:

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Total , In , Massachusetts became the first colony to authorize slavery through enacted law. Colonists came to equate this term with Native Americans and Africans. He had claimed to an officer that his master, Anthony Johnson , himself a free black , had held him past his indenture term. A neighbor, Robert Parker told Johnson that if he did not release Casor, Parker would testify in court to this fact.

Under local laws, Johnson was at risk for losing some of his headright lands for violating the terms of indenture.

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What would Pocahontas say about Donald Trump? Wednesday, October 17, What would Pocahontas say? Most Native Americans know that just because one claims Indian blood does not mean they are a member of any tribe. One must be enrolled to have this honor.

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Awakening from their sleep one morning, Red Eagle and his wife saw a strange creature lying in their tepee. The woman was frightened and was about to cry out, but Red Eagle quieted her and went closer to the strange being which was slowly rising to a sitting position. Red Eagle saw that this creature was a man who looked something like a Cheyenne, but he had a white skin and hair on his face and spoke in a strange language. The man was so thin that he had scarcely any flesh on his bones, and for clothing he wore only moss and grass.

He was very near death. Red Eagle gave him something to eat, but at first the man was so weak and exhausted that his stomach would not hold it, yet after a little while he got stronger. Red Eagle told his wife to keep the presence of the stranger a secret. He feared that some of his tribesmen would kill the man, believing that he might bring them bad luck.

A few days later, the chiefs sent a crier through the camp, announcing that the Cheyennes would be moving camp the next day. Knowing that the stranger could no longer be concealed, Red Eagle revealed his presence. The Great Spirit must have sent this man to us for a good reason.

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