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As the Moon wraps up its monthly visit to your communication sector, you’ve had a chance to give your emotional responses and relationships a voice. A bit of communication support at the right time has turned this into an opportunity for a breakthrough. Tomorrow’s Forecast The Moon has moved on from last week’s lunar eclipse and the pressure this may have put on your relationships, but the underlining challenge is still there. That challenge is an ongoing mission to find and maintain a balance between your personal and relationship needs. This has been put to the test over recent weeks, but today the right planet is making the right tests, at the right time. That planet is Mercury, planet of communication, who is able to give anything discovered a voice. Yesterday’s Forecast The last four days have seen some important developments take place across the income and job fronts. A combination of Mercury’s departure from your work sector four days ago and the Moon’s from your income sector yesterday, leaves you with your head in the game and a lucrative sense of direction. This comes just as you’re able to switch gear on the job front, bringing you to a point where you’re running a marathon and not a sprint.

Leo Love Horoscope

Pisces What are love horoscopes? Horoscopes, at their most basic definition, are a chart of the positions of the sun, moon and planets exactly as they’re positioned at the time of your birth. The interpretation of these charts by astrologers becomes your horoscope reading, whether daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. Your horoscope includes forecasts for all facets of your life, but the most popular is the forecast of your romantic relationships and love life.

These romantic forecasts, or love horoscopes, focus on your individual characteristics and compatibilities as they relate to your romantic relationships in both dating and marriage. What does your love horoscope mean?

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Leo by kalyani10 Much like the King of the Jungle whose sign they bear, men and women born into this Zodiac — 22nd of July to 23rd of August — like to live life king size. This expansiveness colors all aspects of their lives including their sexuality. Here are some points worth remembering when involved in a romantic relationship with a Leo.

Being in love for a Leo Love and sex are essential ingredients for a fulfilling life in case of both Leo men and women. They are as expansive in their love lives as in their social relationships and you can expect to be indulged by a Leo lover with all the best that money can buy. However they are inordinately proud beings and their ego has a major influence on their personal relationships. A Leo in love likes to the boss in the relationship. An equal partnership is extremely difficult for a Leo, even when they are truly committed to a romantic relationship.

Click here to download the book ‘How to Meet, Date and Keep the Man of your Dreams’ Leos are blessed with a natural magnetism which makes them the center of all attention even when they do not seem to be making any effort to seek the limelight. They exult being in the center of an admiring circle of friends, family and acquaintances and enjoy being fawned upon by others like the true King of the Jungle.

However this does not necessarily mean that Leos will cheat upon their partners, rather they are comfortable living the life of a serial monogamist. They simply want repeated protestations of undying love and fidelity. Behind that lion-sized ego is a surprisingly insecure core which needs to be reassured of love and loyalty. How to seduce a Leo Like their lion-sized egos, Leo men and women tend to have a large libido as well.


Long Distance Love You met a dream girl on your hols, she looked so cute in her beach attire. Only problem she lives in Oz and you live in East Cheam. You met this guy on an internet dating site. The vibe was hot steam coming out of your ears. He lives in Burkina Faso and you live in Tottenham. First 3 messages are free.

Personal Horoscopes. There are various Vedic Horoscope models based on Vedic astrology and the user can make any one of his choice.

Leo is a very strong sign , you like adrenaline and sport, is usually a sign very adventurous and loves the action , plus the fun , not usually a person to stay quiet or too long in one place , and is usually surrounded by friends where is the center of attention. One thing you need is control tends to always be the leader of any activity in which you are involved , and it hates pushed around or have bosses, are super independent and likes his freedom. Among the negative features are that usually have a very strong character , I like the fights and arguments almost a hobby level , however are quick to forgive and forget all races.

Another important point is that they tend to be quite greedy and love money, not only as a means to get things but also for the sake of accumulating and have. Career horoscope for Leo: Leos have a very strong entrepreneurial soul , have everything to be great entrepreneurs , from strength to keep going even in the worst trouble , courage and courage to take risks and make profits and nerve to face any situation , without a clearly a sign made for action to be leaders to lead.

If fate would end up working for someone else will be the best in your area and woe to those who would be best, so read quickly crushed , but professionals seem perfect, they will see the work as a means to get money and experience to start their own businesses. Undoubtedly the Leo is made to make money and is one of the zodiac signs that more successful you will be in this topic.

Love horoscope for Leo: Health Horoscope for Leo To read what rules the heart , one of the most important organs of the body and certainly if it stops working has no counterpart as the lungs or kidneys that can compensate, if it stops working the body dies, up to that point can see how important it is Leo , and also heart governs the entire circulatory system.

Your biggest problem may come from the pressure , as they are so temperamental tend to have it very high , tell a read to relax and laugh at you very strong , so the best they can do is try to distract you from your daily activities, maybe they should have a hobby or taking a walk every day in the park, either as outside the lion should never spend all day in the office because end sick.

Interestingly enough is that Leo does not take orders from anyone except your doctor , when they hear something from him, are like kittens and will do everything to the letter just to get out of that problem quickly. Family horoscope for Leo:

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Weekly astrology column over urgent topics. Both have got egos to burn and both like to lead. Aggressive Aries wouldn’t dream of taking second place, and kingly Leo needs constant admiration.

Best daily, weekly and monthly horoscopes to help each zodiac sign find love, win at life and find happiness according to astrology.

Home Horoscopes Horoscopes reflect the position of the planet at the time. They influence your life and as they keep on changing their positions with different speeds and move through different orbit, their effect on your life keep on changing. Although these planets are far away from you, they are highly influential and decide the way you live. Love is the most important thing to happen in life and the planetary positions influence your love life too. That is why, everyone is eager to know about his or her love life.

Love horoscopes provide you detailed information on your love and romantic life. Dating is a period during which you start to analyze your partner, understand his interests and hobbies and his personality. During this period, you should try to find the good and bad, both things about him or her. With the help of a reading, you can understand the type of partner who will keep you happy.

Many times, it is difficult to understand your partner and his interest in you. Love horoscopes tell you about your compatibility with your partner. A good natal chart reader can tell you all about your romantic life, your partner and the type of person he is.

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This can be one of the most challenging partnerships in the zodiac. They will have heated arguments, but even hotter sex. If both can be mindful of their over-sized egos, and learn to work together rather than competing with one another, then this love could last a lifetime. Not likely to be a calm pairing. Aries is full of energy and loves to provoke, while Taurus is contemplative and slow to action.

leo horoscopes daily horoscopes horozo astrology dating Aug 18, Cancer daily horoscope for Your devotion to others is unquestioned, but you still feel the need to prove yourself to someone.

LEO The character of a Leo Having the Sun on your side gives you an abundance of confidence and a healthy ego to handle anything or anyone that crosses your path. As you exude enthusiasm and are one of the most generous signs of the zodiac, you easily attract people, situations and opportunities to you. You are stylish in all areas of your life; home, work, cars, material possessions and the people you mix with.

As someone who dresses to impress, others are attracted to your natural good looks. Your confidence can hypnotize an entire room, which works for you since you are at ease when the spotlight shines your way. Leo has a lot to offer the world, and you need to be with people who recognize and praise your talents. Your business life takes on a high level of importance in your life and you are a great negotiator and sales person.

You are perfectly placed in a job where you can charm people, keep customers happy and lead them to victory. You are also a very social person and a natural leader who enjoys collaborating with people on both a professional and personal level, and will often combine these areas of your life. You have a great capacity to inspire and instill confidence in others, and for this reason alone, many love you. Business and Careers for Leo As a Leo, you need to work in a position where you can influence people, you are better as a leader than a follower, and are great at politics or negotiating.


You enjoy responsibility, and often take on too much of it. You have a natural attraction authority, and enjoy appearing in the public eye. You would rather lead than follow any day. Your inherent pride makes you very susceptible to love affairs. Your actions at work attract the attention, and respect of your superiors. This can only mean good things for you as far as your career is concerned.

The Leo Years: to ’09, and to ’11 The thenyear-old Israeli knockout met the star at a party for U2. Soon they were following his under-the-radar romance MO, hitting Six Flags and.

Today Good Sagittarius Personality Traits The good news is, sagittarians are one of the luckiest signs out there. If you are a Sagattarius then you most likely never worry and won’t ever need to waste your days worrying. You are a very positive person and a great listener. People love to be around your positive attitude and enjoy your positive influence on themselves.

As a sagittarius you are also known for your large heart and willingness to give a helping hand to anyone that asks. The positive energy you carry is influenced from the planet jupiter the largest planet in the solar system and is responsible for keeping a smile constantly on your face and the people around you. Your optimisim and big ideas are always helpful in the workplace when you are given the freedom you require to express yourself. One of the strongest qualities of a sagittarian person is their imagination.

This imagination fits in with the symbol of the sagittarius. Physically speaking, Sagittarians are the most aware of their own bodies.

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As the solar spotlight shifts onto your relationships, this will reveal that you not only have luck on your side from the get go, but the communication gods as well. The Sun also reveals that an important new journey is already underway. You May Also Like Soul Mates The True Nature of Your Soul — knowing how the various influences of your spiritual nature combine together will help you make the most of your emotional and relating skills as well as discover unique abilities that can be awakened.

Free, in-depth horoscopes for all 12 astrological signs—Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. These monthly horoscopes focus on astrological events and their effects on major personal life .

Roap Map to Intimacy May Contain Detours The Sun in Venus-ruled Libra through October 23 challenges us to maintain our balance when Venus in Mars-ruled Scorpio begins her retrograde on October 5, tossing aside a slightly wilted bouquet and kicking a box of semi-stale chocolates to the curb. It’s time to cut the romance and get real, and in this case “real” means really honest—with ourselves and with our partners. Retrograde Venus in Scorpio is the revealer of secrets: Launch a preemptive strike by truth-telling on your own terms.

Passionate Mars in idealistic Aquarius throughout the month challenges us to declare what we would risk in the name of love. The roadmap to intimacy runs through danger zones. Without a sense of safety, there can be no trust. Without trust, there can be no intimacy. Yet intimacy is the energetic goal this month—achievable if we’re willing to dirty our hands in the loamy soil of our own fundamental fears.

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Michael Star will not be posting Daily Horoscopes from January thru June , while he recovers from a major medical procedure. Your secret weapon against flu and colds, viruses, bacteria, fungus, yeast, heart disease, and arthritis Amazing multiple health benefits from one little capsule per day. An old emotional issue might motivate you to take up a cause or an issue. If a romantic relationship needs negotiations, now is a good time. Someone who leaves your life could change your view of life and love.

Sexual Astrology – Dating Advice and Tips for all astrological signs – read how the stars influence your sex life. Sexual compatibility between astrological signs, dating tips and dating advice, yearly, monthly, and weekly horoscopes, and forecasts.

Love and Romantic Horoscope You are in the right place for a good old love and romance horoscope! Make sure to bookmark this page and come back every day! Do you want to see your horoscope for tomorrow? Click Here Aries Romance Horoscope – Wednesday, November 21 If you haven’t felt encouraged recently to create a ‘mini-revolution’ in your emotional world, then events this week could spur you on to do so.

A sense of restriction — on your part, a loved one’s part of affecting both of you — could push you to take action to reduce or remove it. What’s unfolding now with affairs of the heart could draw your attention to what needs to change within a love relationship or shared arrangement. Welcome this period of ‘re-evaluation. Ask 1 free Psychic Question Taurus Romance Horoscope – Wednesday, November 21 Rarely do hidden or suppressed thoughts or feelings never emerge eventually, and when they do, they can be released in an avalanche-like way.

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