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Harry Potter – Rated: M – English – Romance – Chapters: However a new reality TV show is looking for couples that are willing to swap lives with another couple. Naruto decides to enter to try winning the prize and save his marriage. But he might get more than what the original prize has to offer. SasuNaru Naruto – Rated: Sequel to ‘A Gift for a Boy who has Everything’.

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Kind, very, very clean and tidy, cute, prankster, funny Height: B Super Power Badge: According to Chen, he is very clean and tidy, almost to the point of OCD. Chen calls him the “King of Detail” because he has a very specific way of sorting things. Steamed buns, kimchi soup and miso soup prepared by his parents.

Playing soccer, exercising, eating delicious food with Luhan, cleaning, organizing, shopping. Blue He is the oldest member in EXO. He knows Taekwondo and Fencing. He says that his special talent is shouting. EXO-M says that he is both the strongest and funniest member in the group. Why is he the strongest? The members had a contest where they wrung a wet towel. When it came to his turn, he was the one who get the most water from the towel out.

In the future, he wants to be an architect.

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Heart of the Phoenix by Kylenne reviews The Lich King’s domain has long been feared as a frozen hell of death and despair. However, for the Prince of the Sin’dorei and the one whom legend calls The Betrayer, it is only the beginning of something more powerful. Then came the Hogwarts letter, and a world of intriguing new possibilities to exploit. Harry Potter – Rated: Now the gang are eager to get back to Pegasus and to take the city they call home with them.

EXO release Lay’s teaser images and clip for ‘Exodus’ Red Velvet’s Irene pulls off bangs! ‘Sensory Couple’ unveils posters and preview for 1st episode.

Not my pretty Jung Il-woo! Royal Family A brief explanation about the live-shoot system: Miniseries and special production dramas typically begin filming a month or two in advance of their premieres, although there are some that begin filming several more months before that reasons: This head start allows dramas to have a few episodes in the can before the episodes hit the air, but the demands of production can catch up mighty quickly after that, and soon shows will be filming episodes the week they air.

Two episodes per week means that each episode gets a few days for filming and editing, with not much room for extensive reshoots and the like. Sleep deprivation is a given; mistakes a distinct possibility. So why do people insist on producing dramas under these strenuous conditions? It really boils down to ratings, which in turn equals revenue. Though we drama fans know from experience that this may be more likely to produce schizophrenic plotlines and crazy character behavior than anything else: But on the other hand, there are cases where tweaks can work.

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2AM & Suju will perform at Incheon World City Festival. This even will be held on the September 5th, starting at 7pm. Other artist that will take part in this even are Koyote, Ju Hyeonmi, Hye Eunee, Song Jin Woo etc.

They are doing well in both group and solo activities. They have extended their range of works to dramas, movies, musicals, and more. Problem is, the disbanding rumours that arise with their solo activities. Speculations have been overwhelming with no signs of stopping every year. Rumours have surfaced after the release of this album as well.

And so, BEG has spoken. We will become great sonbaes. We look at them as sonbaes looking at pretty and cool hoobaes who are doing a great job. To that degree where we can now put our minds at ease when producing and promoting our albums. The reason we can experiment with changes is because I trust the other members. In the past, the sense of responsibility and burden was so strong as we get more and more sensitive to the competition.

Honestly, we even got wary against each other for the parts in our songs. But now, we just take responsibility right away for the parts assigned to us.

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And it is not because of his slow way of speech. Kang is one who will listen to a question, remain silent for a long time and give his answer just when you are about to ask another question because you thought he would not answer your previous question. He is an actor who will think over both the question and answer in his head thorougly, check how geniune his answer is and then speak. You had quit smoking when starting to film “M” — have you taken it up again?

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Meski sudah lama tamat dan telah digantikan dengan banyak drama baru. Drama yang mengisahkan tentang Alien tampan yang bernama Do Min Joon yang hidup di bumi tahun lamanya. Beradaptasi dengan kehidupan bumi, yang tidak memiliki banyak kenalan hanya tinggal seorang diri dengan tenang. Dan dari situlah kehidupan sesungguhnya dimulai, pada tiga bulan terakhir Do Min Joon tinggal di bumi. Saat pertama kali nonton drama ini rasa penasaran selalu muncul, pengen tau apa sih kelanjutannya, gimana nih nasib Do Min Joon setelah bertemu sama Cheon Song Yi.

So, meski udah telat, telat, telat, telaaaat dan telatttttttttt banget bikin postingan ini? Karena itu tidak membuat Min Joon semakin lemah kok?! Karena efek mabuk Min Joon berteleportasi ke kamar Song Yi sampai ia lupa kejadian semalam.

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Translation for the article posted by bitzes. The profound and mysterious wall of reality and make-believe, the essence of “WGM”! Are they really dating? More and more viewers of a TV program will sometimes think like that. All entertainment programs in the past were produced based on scripts attached the word “real” to create some risky impression and opened up to a new genre which firmly strengthen its position.

Jan 11,  · i have a feeling that they are but jokwon has joked around about them dating b4 i hope they dooo there perfect 4 each othr. and especially khuntoria, .

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Jo Kwon was just kidding about dating Ga-in in real life

It is quick in the setup and developes almost every character perfectly. Students who graduate from Shinwa University can have their pick of any job in the country, no matter their grades. Jan-Di Geum, the strong female lead of the show So now the main heroine of the story comes in. Jan-Di is the daughter of a family of dry-cleaners.

She is also offended that people who have it as easy as the Shinwa High students would bully for fun or be anything but happy with their school. The student jumps, and Jan-Di manages to catch him by his shirt, saving his life.

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This is about a kpop idol who has a lot of issues with self-acceptance. The story revolves around the industry. But, I do not depict the real kpop industry in any way, I just use it as an inspiration. There can be coincidences but again, everything is fictional. There are going to be a lot of original characters. The original characters do not represent any real-life celebrities or persons in particular but, they are inspired from the issues present in the industry and the society.

I’m not a Korean and I’m getting to know the Korean culture.

Jo Kwon and Ga In Talking about Love Life [ENG SUBS]

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